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Eitelbach Ltd. is a family business which was established in 1989 with the introduction of Baumkuchen or "Treecake™". Enjoying a 500 year history, this specialty pastry is considered, "the king of cakes and the cake of kings" in Germany.   Due to its time consuming baking process, and high level of skill required by the pastry chef, it was chosen as the symbol of the confectioner trade in Germany.   Eitelbach uses original, traditional German recipes for its Baumkuchen, and the first Eitelbach family member already started making this special pastry in Germany about 100 years ago.

Eitelbach also specializes in high quality Eurpoean style chocolates, such as Truffels, which melt in your mouth for a refined, rich and extremely satisfying taste sensation.   All our Truffles have a very smooth, velvety, not too sweet filling, and many are flavoured with exquisite liqueurs.

For a very unique product our Treecake Truffel Petits Fours come highly recommended, as they combine the luxurious Baumkuchen (Treecake) with the most sumptious Truffle or Marzipan fillings.

Eitelbach imports many of its fine ingredients directly from Europe, but all recipes are prepared freshly at our factory in Toronto, without preservatives.

To ensure freshness, Eitelbach only maintains a small inventory, so large orders should be placed early.  You are therefore ensured to receive a freshly made product of utmost quality, and for the ultimate taste sensation it should be enjoyed within 2 weeks after receiving the product.  Some products are especially foil wrapped and enjoy a longer shelf life and they are marked with a best before date.

You can find Eitelbach products at our stores in downtown Toronto, as well as many specialty stores throughout Ontario.  You can also order directly from us through this web site or call us at a convenient location near you.   We would be pleased to send you further information.

Head Office:
2700 Dufferin Street
Unit #28
Toronto ON M6B 4J3
Phone: (416) 256.1055
Fax: (416) 256.0925

Retail Stores:
Manulife Centre
Concourse Level North
55 Bloor Street West
Toronto ON
Phone: (416) 972.0078

First Canadian Place
Street Level, King & Bay Street
Toronto ON
Phone: (416) 594.6555


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